Asia Radio 2000 | Warranty Registration
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Warranty Registration

  1. This warranty registration only applies to the products you have purchased from our authorised local Singapore Retailers. Under these local purchases, these TP-Link products are entitled to a 3 year warranty with the exception of the following models which are entitled to a 1 year warranty:
    • M5360 (5200mAh Power Bank)
    • TL-PB10400 (10400mAh Power Bank)
  2.  Avision and Plustek products are entitled to a 1 year warranty
  3. All products must be registered within 14 days after the date of purchase
  4. Please note that all information provided is only for product warranty registration. Asia Radio 2000 will not sell or misuse the personal information provided



Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. The warranty period is the duration from the date of purchase. It is valid in Singapore Main Island only.
  2. The purchaser (or representative) must produce this Warranty Card and the purchase receipt when service is required
  3. The purchaser (or representative) shall deliver this unit(s) to ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD. otherwise, he/she shall pay all charges, duties, taxes and shipping charges incurred for the delivery and collection from ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD.
  4. If at any time during the warranty period any part or parts of the unit are replaced  with parts not supplied by ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD  or the unit has been dismantled or repaired by any persons not authorised by ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD. this warranty shall IMMEDIATELY CEASE and become VOID.
  5. While ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD shall endeavour to repair as expeditiously as possible, ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD shall not in any way whatsoever be liable for any losses, financially or otherwise, or for any consequential damages that may be suffered by the purchaser from any delays whatsoever.
  6. Any defective component parts of the product replaced by ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD under this warranty, shall upon replacement become the property of ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD and the purchase warrants the ASIA RADIO 2000's title to such defective componet parts shall be free and unecumbered and the purchaser shall have all necessary consents and authorities to part possession with the defective component parts.
    • Parts requiring replacement due to normal use, fair wear and tear, natural disaster, rust stains and corrosions.
    • Products which have altered or deface serial numbers
    • Parts that are burnt due to any circumstances, whether under normal usage or not.
    • Usage other than in accordance with instructions.
    • Demonstration and teaching on the usage of appliances/ sets/ products.
  8. If the product has reached end-of-life (EOL), it will be sent for repair or replaced with same/equivalent product at ASIA RADIO 2000's discretion.
  9. ASIA RADIO 2000 PTE LTD reserves the right to amend or modify the terms & condtions of this warranty without giving prior notice. (For products that comes with the Manufacturer warranty, please follow warranty conditions according to the Warranty Cards with those items.)
  10. If the repaired items are not collected by the users after 6 months, we would discard the items from our RMA inventory.